just2me perspective



Even if just in the space between, I want to be a part of you.
You held my hand, fingers through fingers, as we talked and agreed on life and love.  Do you remember..?

Your touch..  It’s not the same.  Your presence is the most delicately powerful force.  In an alternate life, you’d be the one.  I could see it in your eyes.

There’s freedom in our limitations.  It was just a mere passing one night’s intimate conversation.  But you held me close.  I remember your warmth and your smell.  It felt like a crash, yet I felt so safe.  It was a gift of home, yet the depth of what I felt was unfamiliar and new.  Your breath was filled with humility, and your touch with respect for my grief.

I could fall in love, but I won’t.  Your stare could heal my wounds.  Yet your indecision makes me less than nothing.

It’s a bittersweet Monday after you’ve gone.  You’re no longer my hero.  But you are the best friend I’ve ever known.  And for that I adore you.  I do.